With fast weighing, and print speeds of 120 millimeters per second,the IP-Ai excels in high volume applications such as Bakery. Its front loading feature and large nine-inch label roll capacity keep you up and running longer.

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Ishida IP-AI-P

The IP-AI-P prints at a speed of 4.7 inches per second and, with its unique batching capabilities, is ideal for high-volume printing applications in bakeries. Its custom graphics feature creates stunning labels with all required nutritional and ingredient information, and a fully customizable color touchscreen provides easy access to PLUs via category keys.

The IP-AI-P features easy label roll front-loading with a nine-inch roll capacity to streamline prepackaging operations. For consistent and accurate pricing, the IP-Ai-P networks with ScaleLink Pro 5 and other third-party product management software.

Standard Features

Large color touchscreen with adjustable viewing angle

  • Front-loading, 9 in (230 mm) label roll capacity
  • Prints all legally required ingredient and nutritional information
  • Stores and prints graphics for custom labels
  • Ethernet communications
  • Assign images to category, presets or function keys
  • 21 tactile keys
  • 585 MB of memory
  • Linux operating system
  • ScaleLink Pro 5 communications
  • Compatible with third-party communication software including Invatron’s PLUM® and ADC’s InterScale®

Brochure for Ishida IP-Ai-P

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