Uni-7 Series

This counter top scale offers superior networking options, allowing you to access any information the customer may want at the touch of a button.

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Ishida Uni-7 Series

Designed for bakery and floral departments, the Uni-7 line offers its own set of unique features. Starting with the color touchscreen, users can also customize the customer display with their own color photos.

The Uni-7 prints all legally required ingredient and nutritional information, and supports multiple label formats. Networking capabilities help provide consistent and accurate labeling.

A full-color touchscreen, sleek design and custom label features make the Uni-7 ideal for versatile labeling needs. Label batching feature increases productivity by accumulating and printing multiple labels for multiple items. The Uni-7 also operates in several different languages.

Standard Features

  • Dual-range weighing (0-6 kg x 0.002 g/6-15kg x 0.005 g)
  • Large color touchscreen
  • Front-load label cassette
  • Optional wireless communication 802.11b/g
  • Ethernet communications
  • Up to 99 pages of speed keys
  • Adjustable touchscreen viewing angle
  • 77 tactile keys
  • 2 MB of memory expandable to 2 GB
  • Color graphics on customer-side display
  • Self-serve mode/operation
  • 30+ selectable fixed bar code formats
  • Compatible with third-party communication software, including Invatron’s PLUM and ADC’s InterScale

Brochure for Ishida Uni-7 Series

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