AL-AI Series

The AL-AI is a high-speed price labeller which automates the task of pricing food products, such as bento boxes or other prepared dishes. The on-site labelling work is completely automated and the resulting labels are clear, neat and applied accurately.

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With the AL-AI Series, you get:

  • A compact model design, that is 43% smaller than the standard installation space needed by other models and is easy to clean
  • Improved labelling accuracy, from using suction during application, a built-in positioning guide and simplified label switchovers
  • Clear, neat printing, from using a UD font and linerless label paper, which reduces waste and guarantees exact positioning of text and image
  • A 12-inch liquid crystal screen that improves display and operability, to help reduce errors

To find out more about the AL-AI series, please contact your local Ishida Japan office or agent. Alternatively, you can consult our brochure under the Downloadable Content tab.

Brochure for Ishida AL-AI series

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