IG Series (Dry Goods)

These digital platform scales boast impressive precision for larger products, that can widen the variety of applications you are able to weigh.

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Ishida IG Series

Ideal for handling heavier products or large quantities of a product, these scales give pinpoint accuracy in weight measurements with the simplest design and display. Excellent accuracy, with selectable gradations of up to 1/7000

A simple-to-use tare function, that automatically stores your set net weights for each subsequent use.

A vertical operating display, with a smaller, minimal panel that is easy to read and operate. A checking function that makes setting range limits and identifying incorrect measurements simple

Standard Features

  • Ability to toggle between lb and kg
  • Stainless steel cover with die cast base
  • Checkweighing function
  • Configurable display resolution: 1/3,000, 1/6,000, 1/7,500 (NOTE: Legal for Trade setting is 1/3,000)
  • 10 PLUs for storing tare, upper limit, lower limit


  • Display, VFD
  • Power, 120 VAC
  • Internal buzzer


  • Display, LCD
  • Power, two D-size batteries or optional AC adapter
  • Selectable automatic power-off function
  • Batteries not included

Brochure for Ishida IG Series

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