IW Series (Waterproof)

With a completely waterproof, stainless steel body and IP-67 rating the IW series provides highly reliable weight measurements under the toughest factory conditions.

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Ishida IW-Series Platform scale

Constructed of water-proof stainless steel, the versatile IW series is ideal for food processing applications – from agricultural and fishery industries to wholesaling and retailing industries.Water-proof Design Conforms to IP-67*1 The IW-Series meets IP-67 requirements, even allowing washdown for highest sanitary conditions. Sturdy, Stain, Chemical, and Corrosion Resistant Water-proof Load Cell Conforms to IP-67. This outstandingly durable weighing unit can be washed and sprayed with water, allowing for easy cleaning. For the first time in the industry the load cell has been coated with acrylic resin to make it completely water-proof. This is the same kind of treatment used on aluminum sash. Checkweighing Function Used as a checkweigher, upper and lower weight limits can be set. The scale alerts the operator when a product is not within the specified range. The IW Series improves quality control and increases productivity by eliminating products of insufficient weight and categorizing products by weight.

Standard Features

  • Different weight capacity models ranging from 6kg to 150kg
  • IP-67 rated
  • Preset function
  • WQ-30/150 Three Display Windows and Easy Operating Keypad
  • IWX-30/150 Large Fluorescent Display
  • IWB-6/30/150 Battery running model

Brochure for Ishida IW-Series

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